Poetry given by a customer

Friday March 14th, 2014

Jean Paul Sermonte (contemporary Corsican poet)

The writer and the bread maker

Passersby of my street look at me with respect because they know I write books. I salute with even more respect my bread maker because he can make good bread. Good bread is worth a good book. Flour, water and salt must be worth ink and paper. You may think we cannot compare something perishable to something that is not? You consume bread, you conserve books. Are you sure? I remember the Olivese bakery smelling in the whole village. I remember two bakeries on Lumberjack’s street in Ajaccio, who perfumed the hours of my childhood. But there are a lot of books I forgot about… Bread maker, in the heat of your powdered landscapes and blowing white light, you write your book every night. And it’s a great work. It’s the book of men, humanity and life. If life had a scent, it would be the one of earth and bread. It is why I respect and admire you as much. Give us what’s more precious than gold, Santa Claus of every dawn.

What will be left of me, my stories, and my words? I will fade like dreams and glories. But you, humble bread maker, you will remain as long as men. And it is just like that. God has taste!