Other than offering quality products, the philosophy of Bakery Dufeu is based on trust: trust in life, trust in our employees, trust in our clients and their trust in us. It can happen that a customer who forgot his wallet still leaves with breads and come back to pay the next morning. We always enjoy observing the honesty and loyalty of people who with time become our friends.

At Bakery Dufeu, we always bake our products in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere because we believe that everything we touch and make absorbs who we are. Therefore, it is important before touching the dough to be in peace and harmony to add and transmit the best of who we are.

We also work to develop a collective awareness in participating in the movement “Baguette on hold.” In this individualistic world, a little humanity always feels good.

Spiritually, bread has a universal dimension. Bread is generous, it feeds and it gives. We share it, we give it, and it is present in our daily life. Working with bread, we work with the 4 elements: earth (flour), water, air (rise of dough and fire (baking). In eating bread with awareness, love and gratefulness, we bond with the great energies of the universe that not only feeds our body, but our soul and spirit.

Being a bread maker is an art you perfect through the years. The bread maker gives his heart, energy and passion to serve people, what a machine cannot do. This is why our products contain a rare element, essential for life on earth: love. Love and passion for the work, love and respect of the environment, love, courtesy and consideration for all our customers.

P.S. It is important for us to mention the volunteer implication of precious friends who have given us their generous and selfless help. We express them our most profound gratitude and we are grateful for all those who contribute to the success of our enterprise.